Summer is the best time to go out and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. If you are all set to have an amazing time this summer, then there is no better place to visit than the wonderful Caribbean nation of the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is considered as one of the favourite destinations when it comes to travelling. Every explorer wants to visit this Caribbean beauty and enjoy their holidays at least once in their lifetime.

Apart from being the most sought-after travel destination, it is also known as one of the most popular stag do venues. People from around the world visit this place to enjoy their stag do parties.

There are many aspects that make the Bahamas a destination that one must definitely visit. For instance, people often think of Bahamas as a paradise island with its crystal blue beaches and white sand but, there is much more to it than that. If you have never visited the Bahamas, then we are going to give you 10 reasons that will certainly add this destination at the top of your bucket list!

  • The Scrumptious Bahamian Food

One thing that makes the Bahamas an attractive destination is its delicious food. The food in the Bahamas is a great combination of the Caribbean and southern American styles. The national dish of this island is a shellfish, Conch, and people in the Bahamas have mastered the art of preparing several conch dishes like conch fritters, conch pizza or conch soup.

Apart from the Conch, this island has an impressive range of restaurants, cafes and eateries to pick from. If you are visiting the Bahamas, then there is one thing for sure, your tummy will be filled with all the chomping you’ll be doing but your appetite is going to scream for more!

  • The Beautiful Caribbean Climate

People usually look for places where they can enjoy their vacations surrounded by peace and quiet that will help them unwind. When it comes to choosing a destination, many opt for a location based on the weather conditions of the place.

But, if you choose the Bahamas, you don’t have to think of the best time to visit because you can come and have fun anytime of the year. The climate of this island changes with time, so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

In summer, the average temperature in the Bahamas ranges from 28°C to 33°C, which is a pretty cool time to enjoy your summer.

  • What’s Better Than Scuba Diving

Watching the bed of crystal clear water for as long as the eye can see, the thought of slicing through it and explore the hidden paradise beneath the surface is every adventure-seeking individual’s dream.  This presents the perfect conditions to go scuba dive and snorkel your way through the water and there is no better place to do that than the Bahamas islands.

The Bahamas is considered as one of the world’s finest destinations when it comes to scuba diving and snorkelling. There are over 2,000 beaches to visit in the Bahamas and every beach has its own beauty.

  • The Pirate Museum

This beautiful destination holds a rich history and many places of interest for tourists. For example, the Queen’s staircase, the Columbus Monument, Dean’s blue hole and the pirate museum are some locations worth seeing in the Bahamas.

 But, the pirate museum is one place that attracts the tourists the most. This museum is located in the downtown Nassau and provides an interesting history to the visitors about the lifestyle of old-day pirates who used to rule the Caribbean Sea.

  • The Junkanoo Festival

Explore the Caribbean nature of the Bahamas by being a part of the Junkanoo festival. The Junkanoo festival is one of the most celebrated annual events of the Bahamas. This festival is so popular that it is compared to the festivals in Brazil and New Orleans’ Mardis Gras.

Tourists from all over the world join this festival to celebrate the Bahamian culture, music, food and costumes. One more reason to visit the Bahamas in summer is that this festival starts at the end of April every year.

  • Shopping

Well, this might be of more interest to your wife, fiancé or female friends. But, it’s not just restricted to just women. The Bahamas is a place where even men like to shop a lot. Your shopping experience here is bound to be overwhelming, as the shops there are filled with authentic items that represent the culture and heritage of this island.

The famous straw market located in the middle of Nassau is one of the most attractive places for tourist shopping. The vendors in this market offer a number of arts and crafts items. If you’re a fan of art, then you will definitely come back home with your bag filled with all sorts of crafty items.

  • The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort

If you enjoy partying on the beach, then this place is definitely made for you. The Atlantic Paradise Island resort is one of the most famous places of The Bahamas and lies at the offshore of the Nassau.

This amazing resort features a number of activities for tourists that include an amazing water park, comedy club, restaurants and casinos. At times, this resort has also hosted concerts for some of the most famous celebrities, such as Katy Perry and Michael Jackson.

  • The Queen’s Staircase

The Queen Staircase is located in Nassau, which is the capital of Bahamas and holds all the historical facts of this island. Considered as one of the most famous places in Nassau, it is made up of 63 solid sandstone steps that were carved by slaves back in the late 1700s. The height of this staircase is 102 feet and it was named as The Queen’s Staircase in the honour of Britain’s Queen Victoria.

  • Fort Charlotte

There are many forts to visit in the Bahamas, but the fort Charlotte in Nassau is the largest fort of the island. Built in the1800’s, it was constructed with all the elements that a person can think of, such as dungeons, drawbridge, and a moat.

If you pay close attention to this fort, you can easily find graffiti on the walls of the fort. It is said that these graffiti were placed on the walls by the soldiers who armed it.

  • Local Sea View

The Bahamas is surrounded by scenic oceans, so what’s better than lying on the cold sand and basking in the warmth of sunlight. The local pink sand beaches of the Bahamas are perfect example of nature’s beauty.

Apart from relaxing on sea, it is an amazing place to take a boat trip and explore the beautiful sea. You can also enjoy a number of water sports there, such as Jet skiing, surfing, wake boarding, or windsurfing.

It is not easy to describe the immense beauty of the Bahamas in just a few words. But, these 10 features are reason enough to get you packing and flying off to the Bahamas


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