The millennial women have developed a taste for fine gold jewellery. While traditional bling gold jewellery is frowned upon and is better kept inside the lockers, fine gold jewellery speaks volumes about a modern woman’s personality.

Fine Gold and Diamond Jewellery is the best gift for the most cherished women of our lives – be it a mother, a wife, sister or a daughter. On-trend fine jewellery pieces are readily available online and take no time to be delivered at your darling’s doorstep. It doesn’t matter whether you can present the gift yourself or be there on special occasions, the online jewellery stores hand deliver these pieces of infinite love and longing.

The era of buying online jewellery is here. While buying imitation jewelry online is no brainer, it is important to buy gold jewelry online with utmost care. The simple reason being it costs more. Also, gold and diamond jewelry is for keepsake because you buy it with an intent to keep it for years, if not a lifetime.

Here are 6 Things your must consider before buying before buying gold jewelry online:

1. Gold Quality & Grading
Find an Online Jewelry Store that guarantees the gold quality & diamonds’ grade. Look for industry standards like BIS hallmark, SGL and IGI Certificate.

2. Fashion Forward Designs
Your online gold jewellery store must stay abreast with the latest trends and should be fashion forward so that you can flaunt your jewelry without worrying about its design’s shelf life.

3. Exchange Value
Another point to consider is whether your online jewellery store offers good exchange value or not. Ideally, you must get 90% value of the jewellery that you want to exchange.

4. Making Charges
Making charges and transparency is another thing that you must pay heed to before adding a piece of gold or diamond in your cart.

5. Returns
At times, there’s a stark difference between how things look on the internet and how they actually turn out to be in your hands. You online gold jewellery store must assure you no-hassle returns.

6. Delivery Time
Lastly, timing is everything, opt for an online jewellery store that can deliver your gold or diamond jewellery even the next day. There should always be ready-to-ship list of products that you can just get in a day’s time.


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