Fashion is a great indicator of what an era or a period in human history is like. Take going to the beach during the summertime, for instance. In the Victorian era, women’s swimwear completely covered the female body and is much more like a dress than, say, a bikini. That time, male swimwear didn’t show as much skin as it is today.

But as the decades went on, everything about beachwear has evolved, both in aesthetics and usability. Now, the ones that we see today, from bikinis, swim trunks and briefs, to other upper and lower body apparel, have been in the forefront of summer fashion in just about every place in the world. They are not just fashionable; they’re simpler, more comfortable, and more reliable than ever.

Summer may still be a few months away, but this should not stop you from planning ahead. One of the many places families and friends could go to is the beach. Of course, preparation is always important when going on trips during this time of the year. Stay healthy by eating more fruits and vegetables, visiting your dentist for teeth cleaning, clear braces, invisalign, or any needed procedure. It’s also important to learn ahead of time what type of swimwear you should wear. Since there are many popular swimwear brands in Australia, such as States of Play swimwear, you may be confused which one to get.

Apart from that, it is likewise important to be well-prepared on what things to bring and wear at the beach. Obviously, a lot of people are itching to wear what they think is the best and most comfortable piece of clothing. As it is, for both genders, there are a lot of options on what swimwear to flaunt while walking on the beach, swimming, doing watersports, and other fun activities, and they come in various styles.

Meanwhile, here are some of the typical summer swimwear that people wear for beach getaways:

For males:

  • Swim trunks are the most common type of swimwear for men. Quite loose and falls slight above the knee (around the middle of the thighs).
  • Swim briefs, also known colloquially as speedos, they are made of either nylon or spandex.
  • Board shorts are the most likely preferred set of lower body apparel used by a lot of male teenagers and young adults. So-called because they were first used for surfing, it has been used for just about any summer activity.
  • Swim jammers are often used by competitive swimmers. They look more like cycling shorts, thus covering more on the lower part of the body than swim briefs.

For females:

  • One-piece swimsuits provide further coverage for women, and they come in various styles. Examples of such include the maillot (the traditional one-piece swimsuit), swimsuits used in Olympic competition called racerbacks, the bandeau, the monokini, and the swim dress.
  • Two-piece swimsuits expose more skin, particularly the mid-section. A classic example of such is the bikini, which can be the traditional type, string, halter top, or bandeau top. Other examples of two-piece swimwear are those that are styled like sports bras, as well as boy shorts and tankinis which are a combination of a tank top and a bikini. Bikinis of States of Play swimwear are perfect example of two-piece swimsuits.

Men and women do have a lot of options on what to wear this summer. It is highly important, however, to take into account comfort. Now that you know which type of swim attire to wear, have your clear braces done, did your exercise routines, it is time to hit the beach this summer. Anyway, summer is the time to chill, relax, and unwind under good weather.

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