Branding of products or business is must in this competitive world. The companies and service providers spending thousands, even million dollar for establishing the brand. The well designed logo reflects a company’s business and values. The Branding agency in Dubai reveals the “6 characteristics of perfect logos”, listed below…

  1. Minimal-The logo must clean and simple.
  2. Innovative and Unique-Of course it must eye catchy, use your creativity and knowledge to design an ultimate logo.
  3. Memorable-Keep it simple as it possible, because the simple thing is easy to catch, you can check Google, Disney logos, how it’s easy to remember and for recall.
  4. Related or Direct– Apple, BMW, Amazon and Gold’s gym, these all are directly related types logos.
  5. Balanced-The logo must have this characteristic. TATA and HSBC both are the example of balance logo design.
  6. Classic & Timeless- Your logo should not time depended. Avoid; the year or something in the logo, since the year is the exception. IMB, Doctor’s Red plus Sign is the best example of such type logo.

The logo can be text or Image based, although the combination of text and image also in trends.  The text-based logo has company’s business name as the logo itself, Google is the example.

While, the image-based logo makes use of images which can either be concrete or abstract in meaning, for example NASA, and KFC logo.

Always, ask to your logo designer for keeping the logo technically flexible. By technically flexible means it should look good on all media from business card to billboard. It must scalable and should not lose its impact whether it will be printed in full color or in grayscale such as during faxing and photocopying.

What Your Logo Says about your business

No doubt, that the… logo is very often the first thing people see in relation to your brand. You want it to be attractive and impressive. If you can create a logo that instantly makes a random viewer want to know what you do, you’re doing it right. When people want to learn more about your brand and are driven to do that without your own push, you’re doing better than most businesses out there today.

You also need to understand than an unattractive logo can also turn people away from your brand. Imagine that… someone shying away from your business before they even speak to you or meet with you. It’s a daunting thought, but it does happen.

The Branding experts from different Branding companies in Dubai have an almost similar opinion about -Importance of logo in branding i.e. the logo should represent your company–including its mission, vision, core values and how you do business. If I were a consumer, I would want to know how credible a company is. This would help me assess if I should do business with them or not.

Everything from the color, to the shapes, to the tag lines and symbols should be about your company. People should understand through your logo why you exist, for whom you are existing, what are you supposed to do, and how you are going to do it.

Finally, an impressive logo is a potential gold mine for not only Branding companies in Dubai but also for worldwide companies. At a glance, customers recognize the logo and the brand behind it in a positive way.

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