Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social messenger application. People use this fantastic app to stay in touch with their loved ones irrespective of the part of the globe in which they might be residing. WhatsApp enables a person to share images, videos, music and even documents with one another over the internet. Now, seeing the popularity of the application, with over 1 billion reported users, various popular fashion brands like Burberry, Diesel, and Tommy Hilfiger etc. are looking to woo potential customers over it by testing out the space for their marketing enterprising.

Moreover, WhatsApp is the perfect platform to provide an effective customer service since customers find it pretty easy to ask their questions and queries about the messenger platform. WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of an individual’s life since it is pretty easy to message someone on the platform thus making the communication quick and timely. The same thing is being utilized by the fashion brands to add more customers to their existing patronage. Also, WhatsApp has proven itself to be more brand-friendly than any other messenger application.

WhatsApp: A Budding Space for Small Start-Ups

Along with big brands, small startups are efficiently utilizing the platform to sell their products. The modern lifestyle has made less time left to a consumer to do elaborate shopping. Hence, WhatsApp proves to be a great stage for budding startups to sell their products.

The products are advertised on WhatsApp and based on consumer’s selection he/she will receive the rates, discounts as well as delivery time. Also, since Unified Payments Interface has been integrated into WhatsApp in the form of WhatsApp Payments; payments can be made directly over the application, using UPI, to the seller’s bank account. Thereafter the customer will receive the invoice of his/her transaction over WhatsApp itself. Thus, we can see the high level of convenience and comfort involved in shopping over WhatsApp.

Nowadays, even if you book movie tickets over online booking agents such as Book My Show, you will receive your ticket along with the QR Code, to be scanned at the cinema hall’s entrance; on your WhatsApp itself provided you have registered the same number with the online booking agent which you have registered on your WhatsApp.

Is Shopping at WhatsApp Safe?

The dangers of cyber threats lurk everywhere and WhatsApp is no exception to that. Hackers can use various WhatsApp hacken techniques to take control of your payments and transactions. Hence, you need to be careful before divulging your essential details over WhatsApp and confirm the authenticity of the seller as the same could be a phishing attempt to extract your financial details.


We can say that WhatsApp has a great potential to evolve into a complete market space for big as well as small brands. The same potential can give rise to threats such as identity theft and phishing attacks. However, with a small amount of precaution, the possibility of cyber attacks can be made almost negligible. As of now, the platform is in a testing phase by the big brands. Let us wait and watch as to what the future holds.


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