You are what you eat, as the old aphorism goes. Maintaining a nutritious and healthful diet helps us think, move, and function at optimum levels. In other words, the food you eat has an enormous impact on who you are and what you can become.

Therefore, you might be asking yourself what food items you should be eating and drinking each day to stay in tip-top shape. In this article, we uncover six top food items that deserve a place in your kitchen. These foods promote good nutrition and can even support a healthier weight. Bon appetit!


One of the world’s best-known superfoods, blueberries are recognized as an antioxidant-rich food source. Antioxidants are substances that help stop cell damageor oxidation caused by free radicals. Specific antioxidants that are found in blueberries include vitamins C and E. Vitamin C is essential in that it helps your body produce collagen while also boosting your immune system so that your body can fight stress. On the other hand, vitamin E is essential for skin and eye health.

The acceptable amount of fresh blueberries to consume per day is one cup. Other fun ways to consume blueberries other than eating them by themselves are to add them to your smoothie and to mix them with your breakfast yogurt.

Plant-Based Milk

Perhaps you’ve heard of these plant-based milk products that are dominating the shelves at your local grocery. These are milk sourced from nuts and grains and not from cows or other mammals. This is the reason why plant-based milk is popular amongst vegansand anyone who can’t take dairy milkbecause of their health or fitness goals.

These dairy-free alternatives have fewer calories and less sugar per serving, which means they don’t trigger spikes in your blood glucose levels. You’re also less likely to gain weight because of them.


There are only a few foods that contain short-chain omega-3 fatty acids, and walnuts are among them. Short-chain fatty acids found in walnuts play a vital role in colon health. Studies show that these fatty acids evenprevent the growth of cancer cells in your colon.

Walnuts are also a good source of polyphenols. These are compounds that have antioxidant properties. Individuals who consume walnuts benefit from reduced inflammation in their body, and they also achieve a better lipid profile.

How much walnuts should you consume in a day? Eating 1 to 1.5 ounces of walnuts daily can help you reap their health benefits.


If you want to indulge in a plant-based meal while making sure that you get your daily dose of protein, you can’t go wrong with tofu.

Tofu is whitish and soft and is created from coagulated soy milk. This health food is so versatile that you can make it taste like anything depending on your marinade. Why should you consider tofu? Aside from being a meat substitute (thanks to its high protein content), tofu is also contains a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

These vitamins and minerals include vitamin K which promotes wound healing and bone health, vitamin B6 that aids in neurotransmitter production in the brain, iron for oxygen transmission throughout your body, and magnesium to calm your nerves.

Sweet potatoes

Do you ever wonder why sweet potatoes are colored purple? The component responsible for sweet potatoes’ purple color is the powerful antioxidant called anthocyanin.

Anthocyanins in sweet potatoes have several benefits for your body. In herbal medicine, people use anthocyanins to treat health problems such as urinary tract infection, heart disease, high cholesterol levels, obesity, and flu.

In addition to anthocyanins, sweet potatoes are also a good source of vitamin A for good eyesight and potassium for stress and anxiety reduction. Even gym goers love to snack on sweet potatoes to balance their metabolism and prevent muscle cramps.


Used in ancient Chinese medicine, kombucha is a sweetened black tea with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.

They say that kombucha is an “immortal health elixir” because of its abundant supply of probiotics. It is noted that this probiotic content protects the lining of your digestive tract to prevent and treat diarrhea. Kombucha also boosts your immune system to reduce your likelihood of developing respiratory infections.


There you go, our list of the best food items you should consider in your diet. These choices should put you off to a good start, especially if you’re transitioning to a better lifestyle through nutrition. You can find the food items we listed above in your supermarket or the internet if you want them delivered to your doorstep.

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