Ok, so let’s dive straight in here. Firstly, you should conduct some research on each item if you’re wishing to sell any kind of vintage jewelry. It’s important to find out as much as possible about the items, as this will help you to determine the best selling price.

  • Also, do some cleaning, as that will allow for the best features of each piece to clearly stand out.
  • Taking high quality photographs with the right kind of background and lighting is another great idea.
  • Select a reputable dealer to work with, but try not to seem too eager to sell as it may encourage the dealer to try to take advantage, and nobody wants that! (Apart from the dealer!).

Do the Homework

If it’s jewelery that you’re wishing to sell, then do as much research on selling jewelry as possible. Look for any type of mark or signature on the jewelry, and then research which designer it stands for. This will indeed let you know about the designer’s popularity, how rare the items are, and which time period the designer was, or still is, in business.

  • Check out any websites that showcase the designer’s work, then look for the ones which you have,to find out are comprised of and cleaning methods.


Administer the cleaning methods to make the any piece sparkle; and you might even find in some cases, all it takes is a little water.

  • Always try to sell vintage jewelry that has been properly cleaned — the less labor the dealer has to undertake and the better any piece looks, the more cash it could mean for your pocket.
  • By carrying out a thorough cleaning, it will also make it easier to get a much better idea on how to price each item; it removes and dirt and exposes any flaws, as in scratches or discolorations.
  • Be extremely careful whilst cleaning to not cause any damage to the jewelry.

Taking Photographs

This is commonly required to sell vintage jewelry online or if you are communicating with any possible customer via the Internet. Take pictures of the jewelry on either a white or black background, as this will highlight the colors and design of each item.

  • Take photos in natural light and from different angles, and close up photos of any elaborate features as well as flaws.
  • If you can take a photograph of somebody wearing the piece(s).

A Little Research Can Go a Long Way

Do the research and check out the reputation of any jewelry stores, individual sellers, and websites that you are interested in, to figure out exactly where to sell your items. After selecting a potential customer, contact them via a phone call or email and tell them about the piece and how much you would like for it or them and then send the photographs if required.

And remember, that even though you wish sell your vintage jewelry, make sure you are comfortable with the offer.

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