Perhaps, the only better feeling  than  receiving a fruit basket is to watch the joy on the face of a loved one, whom you have gifted a fruit hamper. There are many companies out there which offer gifts of fruit hampers, but most of them charge a large amount for these.

 If you want to avoid the hefty price tag, you can make a great fruit basket at your home using your creativity. This is not a difficult task. You can create a fruit hamper around a holiday or a theme or taste of the recipient. Both young and old, men or women will appreciate a lovely fruit basket, full of luscious fruit.

Here are some tips for designing a great fruit basket;

  • Determine if you want to design the hamper as per a theme. Is it meant as a gift for someone recovering in a hospital or for gracing a wedding? Try to find out if the recipient has any allergies or food preferences. Gift based on occasions like birthday fruit basket.
  • Select the best basket to contain your bounty. In case you are gifting the basket to a person who will share it with a spouse or children, opt for a big sized basket. In case recipient is a loner or single, avoid overwhelming them with a huge fruit basket.
  • To choose baskets, select from glass, metal or wicker baskets. The wicker basket is suited for a traditional presentation. Choose the basket as per the fruit you want to present. Thus don’t select a small basket if you intend to gift a water melon. You require a basket that may be oval, round or rectangular –but of the right size.
  • The fruit must be chosen as per their size, taste and freshness. Select the most beautiful fruits and wipe them with soft cloth for polishing.
  • Next, you have to sort the fruit in the basket. Begin with the largest fruit at the bottom of the basket. Begin with pine apples or water melon. Line their sides with apples, pears, oranges, bananas and kiwi. Fill holes or empty spaces in the basket with small fruit like strawberry, dates and raspberry, but be gentle with them. Finish with a bunch of grapes. Go in for fruits that will provide an array of colors.
  • Select firm and ripe fruits. Keep a cork piece at the bottom of the hamper as it can absorb moisture and prevent rotting of fruit.
  • Shop for tissue paper, cellophane paper, ribbons, bows and baskets in supply stores. In case you have tissue paper, paper napkins, shredder and ribbons at home, don’t buy new supplies. Use what you have and be resourceful.
  • In case the recipient of your fruit hamper is a kid or student, add some non-fruit items to your hamper like packets of hot cocoa, bars of chocolates or even a small stuffed toy.
  • Use fruits that will not spoil quickly. Select from apples, oranges, grape fruit and plums. Add exotic fruits like mangoes, guava or pineapple. Fill the top with delicate items like berries, cherries and grapes. For instance, go in for relatively durable fruits for birthday fruit basket delivery.

These are some tips for designing a great fruit basket.

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