Mutton is a popular meat among the Non-Vegetarians. Different Cuisines have different Mutton preparations. Various places have their own Mutton preparations. Some distinct Mutton dishes of some of the places are as follows:

Bengali Mutton Preparations

Bengali Cuisine is rich in a range of Mutton preparations that are irresistible in taste. You can learn various Mutton recipes by following different Food Blogs and Web sites. For all Non-Veg people (especially Mutton lovers), two popular Bengali Mutton preparations are described below:

  • KoshaMangsho: It is a popular Mutton preparation and perfect for various celebrations. This spicy and irresistible Bengali Mutton Curry is a perfect preparation for celebrating weekends with your family. It has special velvety gravy and juicy Mutton pieces. Make this recipe to get a true Mutton delight.
  • Mutton Rezala: It is a classic Bengali recipe cooked in luscious, white, and creamy gravy. Mutton pieces included with a rich and deep flavour of Cashews, Khoya, Cream, and Coconut. This aromatic and flavourful mutton rezala can be paired with Naan or Paratha.

Jammu & Kashmir Mutton and Lamb Preparations

Jammu & Kashmir is not only blessed with the scenic and natural beauty, but also with a range of flavorful and delicious recipes.

  • Rogan Josh: It is an iconic dish of Kashmiri cuisine. In this preparation, the Mutton pieces are cooked with gravy made with caramelised onions, ginger, yoghurt, and a number of spices including cardamom, bay leaves, dried red Kashmiri chillies, and cinnamon. As per the saying, Persian cuisine is the origin of Rogan Josh. The classic rich colour of this dish has come from the Kashmiri chillies.
  • Yoghurt Lamb Curry: This is a comforting and Yoghurt based Lamb curry that is cooked in Black and Green Cardamoms, Onion Paste, mawal flowers along with dry Mint Leaves.

Rajasthani Mutton Preparations

Two famous Rajasthani Mutton recipes are:

  • Laal Maas: It is a famous Mutton delicacy of Laal Maas is a spicy and fiery curry prepared with the perfect balance of Kashmiri red chillies along with other Rajasthani spices. Laal Maas has different variations in its cooking process; however, the authentic recipe is prepared with the dry red chillies. RajasthaniLaal Maas can be served with Steamed Rice, Baati or hot Phulkas. It is a perfect match for traditional and rich Mutton preparation.
  • Banjara Maas: It is an authentic and flavourful recipe thatis perfect for the get-together and parties. Mutton, Dry Red Chillies along with other Spices and ingredients are used to make this recipe.

South Indian Mutton Preparations:

Two popular and irresistible Mutton dishes are:

  • Mysore Mutton Curry: It is a royal preparation of South India that featured with the balancing flavours of different Spices. In this delightful recipe, Mutton is marinated with Onion and Tomato based gravy along with the aromatic Spices including Curry Leaves, Star Anise, and Mustard Seeds. All of these Spices enhance the flavour of the Mutton along with its gravy.
  • Mutton Rasam: It is a rich-flavoured, watery, spicy, tangy, and delicious Mutton Soup. It can be served with cooked Rice.

You can cook these recipes and give a delightful treat.

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