It was previously reconstructed in 1955. For decades, troubles accumulated, and the infrastructure became really obsolete. Nowadays the irrigation system in the botanical garden is faulty, which threatens the preservation of rare plants – a unique collection that scientists have collected for over 90 years. Lack of infrastructure – bad walking paths, insufficient lighting and security, overall negligence – make this botanical garden an unattractive place for creation of residents and visitors of the city.

According to GulnaraSitpayeva, director of the Institute of Botany and Phyto-Intrusion, the reason for the decay of the botanical garden is insufficient funding. This year only 123 million tenge was allocated for three botanical gardens – Almaty, Zhezkazgan and Illiysky. This will not be enough to solve major problems, and furthermore, for the capital improvements.

Reconstruction plans

The peculiarity of carrying out works in the botanical garden is in the need to preserve biodiversity and opportunities for scientific work. The charity foundation of BulatUtemuratov attracted experts in the field of dendrology, hydrology and botany, as well as the best landscape designers – both domestic and foreign. It is planned to:

  • plant new exhibits;
  • restore water supply and other engineering networks;
  • build tracks and paths;
  • create landscapes elements (reservoirs, eastern island);
  • provide modern infrastructure (entrance pavilions, bathrooms, benches, lighting and video surveillance, sculptures and installations);
  • provide educational function (electronic guide, informative designation of exposures with ability to read data using QR code).

All reconstruction plans are created in adherence to the “impose no harm” principle. To find out how the residents of the city want to see the renovated Main Botanical Garden, some public hearings will be held. As a result of the reorganization, only the public area of the botanical garden will be handed over to the administration of the akimat. And MES still has the land, as well as scientific and educational functions. The foundation of BulatUtemuratov will independently control the distribution of funds allocated for reconstruction.



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