In the present era, everyone comes across to nature’s comfort and enjoying the feel of having his/her home surrounded by items made from natural materials. And the best thing is that there is a big range of natural fiber products available in the market; such as carpeting. And when it comes to carpeting for your home nothing can be the best than Seagrass Carpet from other natural fibers rugs and carpets; and can be a great alternative to synthetic carpeting. Whether you want to give you home a traditional, modern or an ethnic look, carpet woven with seagrass is certainly a smart choice.

You will be surprised to know that Seagrass is not a ‘grass’ at all actually; it a flower in reality which is grown underwater in the tropical areas of Vietnam and China, taking place on the banks of the rivers. It is increasingly popular as a natural fiber used in carpets and rugs.

Seagrass carpet is made up with natural fiber called seagrass and achieves a look like no other. This is sturdy and extremely enduring carpet option as well as it is stain resistant also which makes it quite stable for high traffic areas and where children are often used to playing. It can be a favorable choice especially for those individuals who are in support of natural material flooring and furniture for their home.

Things you should know to make sure you consider going with Seagrass Carpet

  • Attractive material: Seagrass carpet comes in neutral colors which perfectly go with your preferred décor and especially favorable for hallways, staircases and narrow rooms. As compared to other natural fiber, seagrass tends to be softer under your feet mainly for those who dislike the idea of harsh carpeting material.
  • Pretty easy to clean: It is an organic flooring material and doesn’t absorb stains easily which means you can without doing any hard work and can be cleaned simply with a paper towel or dry cleaning method instead of wet shampooing or steam cleaning. In short, Seagrass carpet is easy to clean and will resist nearly all stains so it can be a great area rug for your dining and living room similarly.
  • Environment friendly: such carpeting is a hundred percent environment friendly because it is not treated with chemicals during the woven process and is also biodegradable.
  • Doesn’t collect allergens: its dust and other dirt particles resistance makes it possible to more easily sweep up dust. If you vacuum and clean up spills regularly; it will not collect bacteria and will be the best suited for people who have allergies especially.
  • Cost-effective: One of the best things that made seagrass carpet popular is that it’s not only a natural flooring but a cost effective carpeting option. And the reason is that seagrass is less expensive because it’s a type of plant that grows speedily and is actually just as attractive as hardwood.

Those who really seek for a natural but attractive and cost effective carpeting option for them can rely on Floorspace Seagrass Carpet as one of adding a striking décor to their home. And FloorSpace in this regards presents you with a wide range of designer Seagrass carpet in different shapes and styles that perfectly fit in to your home décor. Stop thinking, come to and start giving your home a beautiful and eye-catching look soon!

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