Planning your UK vacation?  Here is a compiled list of expert tips to make your Visa application process smooth and stress-free!

The UK often features on the Travel Bucket List of Indians of all ages and interests. A unique blend of modern lifestyle paired with the mystique of the last century, UK has a lot to offer.

Whether you want to party at Manchester or Liverpool, marvel at the architecture in London, or simply take a stroll through the English countryside in Kent or Oxford; a British holiday has it all. For all these reasons, and more, London has a special place in the hearts of Indian tourists. No wonder, whether you are looking for Delhi to London flights or Amritsar to London flights, there is no shortage of flights to fly to London.

However, before your holiday in the UK, you will need to procure a Visa. Here is how you can apply for the UK Visa before your trip through the British Embassy in India.

To help you sail smoothly through the process of procuring tourist Visa to the UK, here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Know your Type of Visa

Before you begin the application process, check the type of visa you wish to apply for. If you’re visiting the UK for a vacation, a business trip, or meeting friends and family residing there, you will have to apply for the standard Visitor Visa.

This visa permits you to stay in the UK for six months. However, if you’re visiting the country for other reasons like work or study, apply for that particular type of visa accordingly.

  1. Begin the application process early

You can apply for your UK Visa three months before your trip. For instance, if you’re travelling in April 2018, you can submit your application as early as January 2018.

It’s highly recommended that you begin the application process as soon as it opens. This is because it takes around three weeks for your visa application to be processed. Also, having a time buffer helps you to avoid last minute stress.

  1. Get your Supporting Documents Ready

Once you have found out the type of Visa you require, start gathering the required supporting documents. This list varies depending on your Visa.

Some of the common documents that you need for all Visa types include:

  • A Valid passport
  • Recent passport sized photographs
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of Employment
  • Income Tax returns
  • Bank Statement for the last six months and so on.

Prepare a checklist of all the documents that you need and double check it so that you haven’t missed out on anything.

  1. Finalise your itinerary

This is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your Visa application.

Start by booking your flight tickets on any one of the popular carriers that fly from India to the UK like British Airways, Emirates Airlines, Air India, or others. Once you have booked your flight tickets, the next step is to arrange your accommodation. Book your hotels on Airbnb for the entire duration of your stay.

Next, draft a day-wise itinerary. While this need not be a minute by minute account of your trip, you should be able to have a rough idea of the highlights or attractions, which you want to visit on a particular day.

Make sure to submit your itinerary as well as flight tickets and hotel bookings when you apply for the visa.

  1. Prepare a Cover Letter

This letter should give the details on why you’re visiting the UK. If you’re travelling as part of a group, your travel agent will take care of this one. However, if you’re organising the trip on your own, you will have to prepare the letter explaining the reason for your visit, the members in your travel group, and the duration of your stay.

Applying for a UK Visa can be daunting, especially for first-timers. If you aren’t sure of how to proceed, you can always visit the office of British Embassy near you or check out the details available on the official site. Else, you may approach any reputed travel agent, who will walk you through the process for a fee.

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