Ready to travel to New York? Great, because you’ve come to the ideal place to organize your trip! I am going to give you a lot of useful information so you can plan and know the city as a New Yorker. Save this page; I’m sure it will be good for you to start. Here we tell you in detail how to prepare your trip, from how to get flights and hotel to the first steps when you land in the city, tips to enjoy every corner.

Book shows and excursions

In New York, tickets for shows fly. If you are excited to attend a specific one, be it a musical or an NBA game, it is better to choose one day and buy the tickets before the trip. The following tickets need to be booked before “the D-Day.”

* Broadway musicals
* The most typical sports of New York
* The Contrasts tour
* The most famous excursions
* Helicopter flights

Tourist cards

To visit several New York attractions in an affordable budget, there are some New York City Attraction Passes; the New York CityPASS (it lasts 9 days and includes 6 essential attractions), the New York Pass (you have to choose how many days you want it and includes 80 attractions) and The Explorer Pass (lasts 30 days and you have to choose how many attractions you want to visit from a list of more than 60).

Documentation to travel to New York

Shows and excursions are optional, but the documentation mentioned below will be essential to travel to the United States. It is highly recommended that you make a digital copy of all the documents and keep it in the cloud (I use Dropbox), send it to your mail or download it to your mobile, to have it in case of loss.

Bus tours

Bus tours are an excellent way to see as many sites in the least amount of time. Especially in a city as vast and intimidating as New York, bus tours offer a way to get a taste of the Big Apple without having to deal with the stress of driving themselves on busy streets. However, sometimes that means people need to choose quantity over quality. So, what is the best bus tour in New York?

Bus tours tend to have a reputation for being less hospitable and less detail-oriented than walking tours. The cost of bus travel can also be astronomically higher. However, there are some companies that offer the benefits of tourist bus transportation combined with high quality information guaranteed on a walking tour. Today, people tend to choose hop on hop off bus in their New York tours.

These buses, also called tour buses or HoHo, run through Manhattan and Brooklyn. The buses have several designated stops where you can go up or down. It is an ideal choice for those who visit New York for the first time!

What bus hop on hop off should you take?

As there are different hop on hop off bus companies in New York, I have made a selection with the three most interesting options. If you want to know more about a particular option, I’ll detail it below:

Option 1 (my favorite): If you are looking for a package at a good price that combines the bus hop on hop off with tickets for the attractions and that gives you a lot of freedom, this option is designed for you. If you want an affordable package, this combines hop on hop off bus with tickets to attractions and gives you a lot of freedom. Bus tickets are valid for 72 hours and you can visit 3, 5 or 7 attractions.

Option 2: If you want to use the hop on hop off bus for 1 day, this option offers excellent value for money. It allows you to do three tours in 1 day, while other tour operators only give you the option to make 1 for the same type of ticket.

Option 3: If you want to get on and off the tour bus for 48 or 72 hours and see as much as you can without visiting attractions, opt for this provider. A hop on hop off cruise is included as an extra and you will pay the lowest price available. You can get more info about Best New York Hop on Hop off Sightseeing bus tours to ensure you will choose the one that suits your needs and expectations.


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