People, all around us, especially the younger generation spend a major part of their day either on their PC/ Laptop or on their smartphone. According to a study, in previous five years, the time spent by teenagers on their smartphone has doubled and this is not going to stop at any point. No doubt, we hear the cases of cyberbullying and pedophilic crimes, almost every day. Apart from access to unlimited porn, there are websites available for which there is no need to sign up and they connect you to a random stranger over video cam chat. According to various surveys conducted a considerable portion of kids who chat with random strangers online have confessed to meeting them.

The good thing is that all the modern and tech-savvy parents are aware of the importance of online safety of their kids and they take time out to teach the necessity of being safe online to their kids. But, just mere teaching is enough? The answer is, undoubtedly, a big ‘NO.’ That’s why we see a number of parental control applications available in the market which let parents track and restrict their kid’s online activities.

These parental control applications provide a number of facilities such as tracking browser history, chats on social media applications, calls, and even text messages. Moreover, some applications even allow accessing photos and videos stored on a device. Most people believe that parental control applications are available only for PC/ Laptop but this is not the case as the same is available on mobile platforms also especially iOS. The popularity of iPhone and its user base has led to the development of various parental monitoring applications for iOS. In fact, one such application which is ruling the charts of the parental controls market is the iPhone Tracker which is available for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

The demand for an Effective iPhone Tracker Parental Control Applications on the Rise

There are three reasons that developing an iPhone Tracker parental controls application can become a huge business opportunity for you.

  • First of all, modern parents are willing to spend some bucks on a good application rather than putting their kids in danger.
  • Secondly, since the new-age kids are able to break the parental controls, the demand for an effective parental monitoring application is on the rise.
  • Thirdly, most of the youngsters love it and are in possession of an iPhone, so, undoubtedly, parents will prefer an iOS application.

No doubt, the competition in the relative market is huge but if you are able to provide a little extra than the other parental control applications then there are 100% chances to succeed in this business.

Also, since parental control applications are paid on a monthly basis, there is a considerable scope that if you are able to provide better and more facilities, parents will be more than willing to cancel their existing subscription and join your application. Since the parental controls market is not stable there are millions of chances for a new application to come and succeed if it provides better functionality to the target audience


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