A homecoming party is an event of great importance in the stage of our lives. Your school will always leave vast and pleasant memories. That is why for this type of party we must dress with the latest in fashion and be the stars of the party at the moment of wearing our homecoming dresses.

In the welcome dances, it is recommended to use homecoming dresses that are satin decorated with details of sequins at the height of the knee, since they are quite comfortable to dance all night without stopping and without worries that something unexpected will happen. Because the last thing, we want to happen, is to be worried and not enjoy such an important day.

For that, we have put together the best tips for you to organize and choose the style of dress that is most suitable for your body and the look you want to show on that exceptional day.

1.- Choose the appropriate length and design:

The dress that you choose for the homecoming party has to reach the knees or just a little above. Long dresses are appropriate for prom dances, but for this type of party, they are not. The dresses suitable for a homecoming dance have to be more like the tight style, which shows your silhouette and is quite elegant with cuts that allow you to dance and move comfortably. You can also use tulle or pleats to look a little bit more elegant.

It is recommended to use strips or some kind of support for homecoming dresses and if you wear a dress that does not have strips, you have to be sure that everything is perfect and in the right place. The length and cut of your dress will have to be fun and elegant in every way.

2.- Take into account the color, the pattern and the fabric:

The season in which the homecoming party is held is mostly at the end of autumn. The details that make up a dress for this type of festivities are bright colors, with floral patterns or dyed.

The white colors, the dark tonality, the metallic tones, the black color or ivories are the appropriate ones to wear a homecoming dress.

The animal prints are a good option to look fun and youthful if you are more like the extroverted kind. You can also use a black and elegant embroidery dress that will make you look lovely and dazzling, only if it goes along with a juvenile court.

3.- Take into account that the dress is appropriate for the school:

We can realize that sequins always attract a lot of attention, but they are not always recommended for homecoming parties. It may be that the school has a kind of dress code that might limit you to use specific styles of dresses. Some schools, for example, do not allow short dresses, over the knee or transparencies, as there might be ones that are not too formal so you cannot choose a too elegant dress because you will be out of context.

You should also know that it is important that you combine your dress with a coat that is elegant since at night it usually lowers the temperature. Finally, remember to avoid wearing dresses that have many folds or many ornaments and details that may cause discomfort.

4.- Know your style to wear the best homecoming dress:

The dress you choose to acquire has to reflect your style and personality. If you are one of the extroverted girls, the advisable thing is that you choose a dress with a single floral or animal print to dazzle everyone at the party.

If your thing is to dress in a classic and very elegant way, you can choose a dark and bright embroidery or one with a heart-shaped neckline with floral style with a simple fold.

If you are one of the girls, who like to have fun, extravagant and creative with everything you do, opt for dresses with tulle or bows.

Always remember that the women who consistently dazzle at this type of parties are those who have their own style in the colors, fabrics, and cuts of their dress.


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