If you know someone who drinks regularly then you should take strict steps. Remember alcohol can destroy families. It can destroy lives. It is we the people who can eradicate this from the society. Let’s make an alcohol free society. Regular consumption of alcohol can also bring evil effect to health. It can damage the liver to a great extent. This is really a matter of great concern.

Evil effects of alcohol:

It has been observed that day by day alcoholic problems are increasing tremendously. It should be stopped immediately. Take for example let’s have a look at the evil effects of alcohol. Firstly alcohol damages the body functions and other physical abilities, and in association to it there will be neglect of responsibilities that are closely associated with work, home life, and/or school.

Secondly alcohol has various short-term side effects, such as hangovers. The physical state of a hangover may be temporary, but it will effect in the long run. There will be loss of appetite, you will always feel like lazy and sleepy. It badly effects the liver. Apart from this drinking can increase a person’s likelihood of getting into fights, displaying disorderly conduct in public, driving under the influence, and becoming involved in domestic disputes or violence.

Most importantly alcohol is an addictive substance and can lead to physical dependence. Although a person who is physically dependent (i.e., has an increased tolerance among other side effects) is not necessarily addicted. Thus as a whole it can be commented that alcohol can ruin your family within a very short time. Basically alcohol abuse is an option. However, if enough alcohol is consumed over enough time, drinking will become increasingly important. Once individuals become psychologically addicted, alcohol abuse can become all-consuming. As individuals are often part of social networks, like family, friends, employers, colleagues, so it sometimes they may get addicted through various circles. But once you get addicted to it you will not feel like leaving it. It is a bad addiction.

Can alcohol reduce your tension or depression? :

This is completely a wrong concept. If you think that alcohol can eradicate all your problems then it is completely incorrect. Depression or tension is a mental illness that can be very serious. Depression may arise from a multitude of different factors. Some people are genetically prone to depression; for example, a family history of depression makes it more likely that a person will also suffer from depression. Personality plays an immense role in this. Environmental factors, like habit of consuming alcohol in early life, can also play a vital role in the development of depression. Hence it can be said that there are several factors in human life that compel one to get addicted to alcohol. Many people can overcome all risk factors of life and hence do not experience any depression. See one thing is very clear that there is nothing in this earth that can remove your stress or tension. It is you who can only eradicate the evil thinking from yourself. So let’s take a initiative to make a alcohol free society.


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