The use of various drugs to treat chemotherapy has been in existence for a considerable amount of time. It would mean destroying the cancer cells; you go on to shrink the tumours and in the meantime prevent the cancer cells from thriving or multiplying. Here the goal would be to lower down the progression of the disease and this would extend the life. As it has been found that these drugs have various side effects. You would need to weigh the possible outcomes and then rely on the expected outcome.

When it is a case of tumour it would replicate a case of unwanted growth of cells. When you go on to use chemotherapy the objective would always be to improve the quality of life. This would be to eradicate the pain and the pressure which the tumour gives way to. Though the chances of the tumour appearing are on the higher side, but this is being done in such a way that the patient is going to live a lot longer. With the help of chemotherapy you do shrink tumours and this is before you go on to give radiation therapy.

The cancer cells are known to grow and multiple in a quick manner. With the aid of chemotherapy it goes on to prevent or stop their growth. With it you do prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body or from the original site as well. In some cases with the help of chemotherapy you do go on to destroy the cancer cells that does remain in the body after surgery or radiation therapy. In a way it does go on to make the radiation therapy more effective. You tend to use chemotherapy when the cancer would have been destroyed and the chances it emerging back are all the more common. When you are in the advanced stages of life, chemotherapy may be used to help you relieve you with the symptoms and improvement in quality of life and this would be even when it has been not possible to extend the quality of life.

In most cases it has been observed that chemotherapy goes on to eradicate the cancer cells completely from the body. As per medical experts if the cancer has not gone on to return for many years it is considered to be cured. But the tragic part is that cancer could return at any point of time, do doctors do not consider chemotherapy as a full proof course of treatment. The goals and objectives of treatment tend to vary considerably and so you can consider the benefits associated with chemotherapy. This would depend on the type of cancer, the site from where it did originate in the first place and how advanced you did find it at the time of treatment.

The chemotherapy cost in India is considered to be one of the lowest in the world. For this reason there is always a long rush of patients waiting for the turn of their surgery.


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