Generally when people talk about the most expensive glass weed pipes in the world, that list inevitably mainly includes bongs technically. When making these crazy intricate and sometimes huge glass blown masterpieces, it probably just seems like common sense that you may as well turn it into a bong by leaving space on the inside for water to be held. A few, however, do get created as pipes rather than bongs. Just over five years ago, it would have been impossible for anybody to sell anything related to glass weed pipes at any value higher than five thousand dollars, if even that. Nowadays though there are dozens and dozens of quite well known works of excellent glass blowing craftsmanship out there being sold and traded at astronomical values.

One example is Scott Deppe’s and Jason Lee’s “Fire and Eyes” which is a pipe of a very unique shape and design that happens to be valued at approximately 75,000$. With the rise of legalization all around the world, the market for this sort of thing is beginning to grow. There’s no good reason to draw a distinction between high art today and the artistry of these excellently crafted glass works of art. After all, collectors exist in all walks of life and cannabis use is certainly not limited to those of the middle class. These high prices come from the reality that some cannabis users out there might have a boatload of cash, and the universal desire for collecting and displaying for pure bragging rights. A personal favorite of mine, and priced relatively reasonably (sort of), is Unparalleled Glass’s “Cactus Set” at 35,000$. These pipes form a complete set comprised of strange cacti in varying shapes and colors, and they give off an appearance of practically dancing with each other. There’s also a nice pretty touch of pink flowers on top of the cacti which add a bit of realism to the set.


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