There are quite a number of professionals who contemplate and hesitate a lot to move out of their current job. Even though they do not like their current job or are unhappy with their appraisal, they choose to stick around due to the fear of the unknown.

This is so because they do not like to be tagged with the title of a ‘job hopper.’ Usually, people believe that sticking to one particular job will lead them to a higher position, stability and salary but this is not always the case with every individual.

Ideally, job hopping is always stereotyped to be a bad omen to a resume and is not widely accepted as positive behaviour. It is often considered to be a sign of instability because people many people have worked for 20-30 years in the same company until they retire.

However, with evolving technology and the nature of business, work culture has changed and people have constantly changing professional goals and expectations. This has resulted in major shift in the mindset of employers and they now have started considering employees with diverse experience.

Discussed below are some of the key reasons why job-hopping is beneficial for an individual-

  • Find a Dream job:

Every individual is not lucky enough to find a dream job. In fact sometimes, people are clueless about what profession they want to get into and therefore end up hopping different fields.

This is when people land into a profession which does not interest them. This is usually occurs during initial days of your work. People who have gone through such situations end up quitting their job within 1-2 years and are unsatisfied with their work.

If you find yourself in either of these brackets then it is time to test the waters and look for a different field or company. This will help you to figure out your dislikes and likes. This way, you will have better perception about next opportunity that falls your way. You can interpret what job description suits you and vice-versa.

  • Graph your career:

If you stick around one job for years your growth is likely to be gradual and restricted. On the other hand, if you switch jobs within a short span you probably may get higher salary and reach at the top ladder at a faster pace.

Constantly working in the same place can minimise your growth. You need to continuously evolve yourself to stay in the race otherwise you will stick in the same spot and others may make their way out.

If you constantly search for options you may come across better options that suit your skills and help you develop them. If you are unsure how to grow in your field, you can always take guidance from your mentor or a trust-worthy friend.

  • More Money:

Job hoppers tend to explore more opportunities and hence get the leverage to earn higher salary. Employees who usually stick to one particular job get 3% per year. Contrary to this, a job hopper has the chance to take huge steps and earn comparatively higher. It has been witnessed that the difference between amount of constant job employee and a job hopper is approximately around £ 14,000.

  • Professional Satisfaction:

Some individuals like IT professionals may gain satisfaction by working at the same place for several years. For instance, professionals who have managed IT services can work for decades in one firm as they get diverse exposure and clientele to work for.

However, one cannot be sure that an IT job hopper lacks experience as they also may have had a different learning expedition. When it comes to field like IT, company clientele is considered to be prominent and businesses prefer outsourcing a firm for this task.

Employees get bored from their mundane routine and this is one root cause of the shift. Lack of opportunities, growth, job security, healthy and positive workplace is other reasons for people leaving jobs.

Nature of your business and your personal skills are strong pillars while debating between job hopping and staying at the same job. So, always consider these to parameters while taking a decision for you.

  • Hiring Managers:

Often, these days there is lesser impact of a busy resume on the decision of hiring managers. In fact, some managers may overlook resumes which have experience at one particular workplace.

A diverse job experience indicates that you are well acquainted with foundation of all aligned activities and can manage them. While a lengthy resume indicates that you have gained mastery in just one particular field of work and that limits your growth.

It also indicates that you might have a problem in adjusting to new surroundings and people. Some recruiters believe that Jack of all trades (people with diverse resume) is more flexible and easy to approach personality.

  • Better Network

Working at only one place means that you come in contact with limited number of people. This way, you consume more time to build contacts and networking chain.

However, if you work at multiple spots in a span of two years then you probably meet hundreds of people and get to know them. You stay in touch with them and learn, develop your personal skills.

If you have worked closely with an entrepreneur you will be well acquainted with the fact that they can bridge a temporary financial gap with the help of cash flow finance. You can get in touch with commercial finance companies that can provide you with funds in the need of the hour.

Lastly, it is important to have a job that you love. Although it may sound cliché, when you love what you do, you tend to be passionate about it and unknowingly perform at your best.


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