Paris attractions are the world’s best attractions for tourists, for traveling, and for going on vocations. Basic thing is that going to Paris and visit city during the day is simply best and then cannot go to Paris without seeing it at evening. The Paris at night is even more fabulous than Paris during the Day and also each and everything looks so unique and different and then the atmosphere is sometimes much more pleasant. Here we are going to explore lots of things on cheap rates and prices as things to do in Paris which are absolutely free and anyone can enjoy by visiting and having fun with family or with the partners.

Enjoying panoramic view of Paris (free)

Each and every day Eiffel Tower and Arc of triumph and Montparnasse Tower and are opened during the night and most of them are until midnight and cannot miss the beautiful views up as attractive landmarks. It is also really one of the best things to do in Paris at night so as is truly a fairy tale and pretty romantic when you watch Paris all shiny and beautiful enlightened.

Bird Market

On Sunday just steps from Notre Dame as the exotic bird market in the world and takes Paris by Storm all sorts of fowl and colorful pet birds are for sale and then as well as rodents. It is also a famous attraction and people exactly love to watch and go there for amusement and for enjoyment.

Free Paris Museums

It is really amazing to go out there and it is the great tips on the tour to hang out with the new sights. If you do not fit into the category so then do not worry the first Sunday of the each month. It also offers up lots of free entries to museums and then attractions as we have Louvre, Centre Pompidou and quai Branly.

Candy in the Marais

On the time while lots of city chocolatiers will exactly give you offer and then you add like a sample if you seem keen to purchase their things and situation recruitments. Particularly give away their pralines and then chocolate covered nuts for free absolutely.

Jardin du Luxembourg

As like amazing garden in the Montparnasse area is absolutely attractive place for a picnic spot or to enjoy going around. It is filled with the sculptures and gardens and then greenery will attract your mind and also work of art and wonderful place to spend on the time as in afternoon.

Covered shopping arcades

Fortunately and different of the Paris as charming in the nineteenth century shopping arcades and are still open and lined with cute shops and galleries and objection.  Now the glass covered passages and located mostly in the 9th and second arrondissements. It would be the best thing to do and we can have lots of fun out there.

Walking along the champs Elysees

One of the amazing streets filled with the dinning and cafes shopping and people who got attracted nicely. It is very easy to spend some time window shopping and most people exactly do that as watching. Basically pretend you are a millionaire for a day and then go into all the high end stores and for the sake of shopping and getting involved.

River Seine

Putting on some comfortable footwear and take a camera with you to capture the things you like the most. Right alongside the river Seine and then scene of inspiration of lots view attractions. People can also Zig Zag River within Paris alone and including Paris alone and then including the Pont Neuf which dates back to the other different site.

See Basilique du Sacre Coeur

As per located in Montmarte, Scare Coeur is the other famous church of Paris and then can get two activities in one of the free things we can visit there. People can enjoy beauty of scare Coeur basilica both inside and out absolutely free. It is the best way as to enjoy and amazing view of Paris from the highest point in the city that is also for free.

Rollerblading in Paris

If you have any suggestions of more free thins to do in Paris then Rollerblading in Paris one of the most amusing and fantastic things. People exactly close several KM of city blocks for people to merrily roll through the whole city as in the whole Paris. Rollerblading and skateboarding that has become very famous and well-known in Paris.

Mansions in Marais

Now you can buy tickets from Paris Tickets with Tripindicator, Paris L’Open Tour features 4 routs covering in €33; one day ticket is in €37. Big bus offers unlimited hop on hop off tours in three routes in €32, one day ticket is in €36. Open tour Paris Hop on Hop Off is in €34, whole day tour is in €35.

We are presenting also services on attractions as Green line-Paris Grand Tour, Blue Line-Bastille – Bercy,  it is one of the favorite places as we have in Paris so that lots of mansions dating right back to the renaissance are exactly still here and also including the hotel de soubise and the hotel de sully. While as wandering the Marais and then be on the lookout for large doors with cute and also courtyards that might be open to the public.


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