An anniversary party calls for a celebration with a lot of ingredients like food, decoration, party and games. It is an ultimate fun time when all the people meet together after a long gap and share different memories and stories about their life. This is a great time to relish the perfect food that can set the mood right for an awesome party. It is extremely important to look for best kind of dishes so that none of the family members are left unsatisfied with the dinner.

Punjabi Chicken in Thick Gravy

Punjabi chicken is the one to look forward to in any party. They have such a great taste and flavour that all the people fell like a special treat for them. The thick gravy chicken curry is one of those special dishes that can be a perfect side dish for bread dishes in any Indian cuisine. The gravy is filled with spices and great ingredients that make a tasty treat out of normal chicken curry.

Mughlai Chicken Curry

When it comes to Mughlai cuisine Biriyani is one of the top choices that people love to eat. It is a great choice for an accompaniment. The dish is not just tasty but contains enough amount of protein so that a person can get enough nutrients that can help them keep proper energy for a longer time. A Mughlai curry brings the essence of Mughlai cuisine into play making it a perfect choice for lunch or dinner. The Mughlai chicken gravy recipe is simple to prepare.

Village Chicken Curry

If a person is looking for spicy gravy that contains a mixture of flavours, they should try the village chicken curry. The chicken curry is not that thick but is equally tasty in all aspects. The specialty of this curry is that it can be taken as a side dish for numerous main courses. It is favourable to eat with rice as well, making it commonest recipe for a small party at home.

Spicy Chicken Gravy

The name itself suggests the special feature of the dish. It is filled with spicy ingredients and has thick gravy. People can have it on its own because it itself contains all the nutrients necessary for a perfect meal. To get the perfect taste and flavour one can even check for the best type of dishes that can let a person get its full taste. Many people tend to make modifications to this dish so that new taste can be prepared.

Chinese Chicken Gravy

There are numerous dishes from Chinese cuisine that have gravy containing an awesome taste. Some of them have sauces while some are filled with vegetables and special spices. A special dish like gravy chilli chicken is one of the best choices among Chinese food lovers.

These gravy dishes can add a special flavour to the food prepared for an anniversary party. Preparing best type of gravy dishes is simple if a proper recipe is followed and one need to choose best possible dish they should prepare it according to the main course.

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