A traumatic brain injury usually refers to the severe injury to the brain, caused by a severe and sudden blow or jolt. Needless to say this kind of brain injury inflicts damage to the brain which induces trauma that might persist for a long time.

This is also a great cause for death and disability. Accidental falls, gunshot wounds, sports injuries, road accidents in traffic, physical aggression might result in severe brain damage.

The brain matter usually collides with hard skull and bruises the area. It might result in wear and tear and eventual bleeding of the nerves. Also in case of skull fracture, the broken particles may also invade the brain tissue.

Traumatic brain injury abbreviated as TBI is outline as severe disruption in the regular brain functioning. The intensity damage and severity of symptoms greatly depends upon the particular portion of the brain suffering damage.

If the damage is spread over greater area, natural the distortions will be more, than if it is localised at a particular domain. The extent of the impairment can be sought by proper examination and detection of the wound.

Seek the best neurosurgeon in India for an quick and easy detection of the wound. The team is sure to provide you the best treatment and they usually have a fast and high rate of healing.

In case of mild damage, headache and temporary confusion are quite common. But if the damage is serious and traumatic it will result in retrograde amnesia, permanent loss of memory, persistent headache, convulsions, physical and mental disability, unconsciousness, coma and even death.

It might also render you a long term or even a lifelong impairment like paralysis. Guarded with various kinds of safety equipments during recreational activities and sporting often unfortu,nt accidents, and result in traumatic brain injury.

Apart from headaches, memory impairments and lifelong impairments, traumatic brain injury also brings difficulty in and coordination of balance, seizures, Blurred vision and one or both eyes, trouble in speaking and swallowing, mild vision problems.
Changes in sleep patterns, changes in sensory perception, changes in sexual function, difficulty in forming sentences resulting in trouble in communication, lack of bowel and bladder control, motor impairments like trouble in moving body automatically, difficulty in reasoning with logic, forgetfulness, Limited span of attention and poor concentration levels,  depression, mood swings, disorientation resulting in an inappropriate action.

In case of treating a patient with traumatic brain injury, immediate care is very essential. Taking care of the injury in its initial stage can result in optimal outcomes. The patient is generally transferred to an intensive care unit (ICU) after initial and proper stabilization. Here the medical status of the patient is manipulated and a comprehensive rehabilitation for him or her is sought.

From monitoring the primary as well as the secondary complications, to manipulation of the drug therapies for making the patient movable and getting him out of his bed is of primary concern. Every care taken and medical facilities offered are made extremely individualized so that the patient can respond quickly and reap the maximum benefits out of it and get steady in no time.


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