Each part of a window and dooris encapsulated within the frame. A well-crafted frame begins with raw materials that are transformed to windows and doors through a strict quality-control process. As the main function of them is to insulate and secure our interior space, the choice of frames depends on acceptable quality-to-cost ratio. The different types of materials used for window and door framing have both pros and cons, but the right choice is the one that works for your home. The decision should be taken at the beginning of the design process considering theclimatic conditions of your building and the architectural style of the house itself. Each material comes in a huge variety of options, so you will always be able to choose your favourite style and colour, considering the other differences in materials. Discover what materials aremore often used for door and window framing.

–       Wood

Traditional wood hasexcellent thermal abilities, good insulation, lightness and aesthetic beauty. Manufacturers and carpentry services of Toronto offer a wide range of its species. It adds a classic element to your home.The look and feel of real wood cannot be beat, though the durability of this material is not the best comparing to synthetic materials. Besides, wood door or window framing requires regular maintenance, otherwise, the weather conditions (sun, rain, frost, snow) and insects can quickly spoil it.Therefore, you shouldpaint or stain it periodically.

–       Vinyl

Frequently used as a window framing material, it requires little maintenance and carries long warranties.The energy rating of it is very advantageous. Vinyl has a reputation for having excellent insulation properties resulting in high-energy efficiency, perfect noise resistanceand durability. It is easily made in various attractive designsand colours, provides a tilt and turn option. Another advantage is its budget-friendly price and easy recycling of its extrusions.

–  Aluminium

It is available in an unlimited range of colours and sizes, has a modern, streamlined design.Currently it is the most cost-effective option on market. Aluminium doors and windows are customizable for unusual openings and easy to install. It is durable and weather resistant, requires very little maintenance. With correct installation it will meet all environmental regulations, will not rot or perish. Heat loss can be kept to a minimum with the correct glazing choice for your aluminium windows and doors.


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